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These 5 things often stop people from going back to their beauty therapist, but they shouldn’t!

Tips for lapsed clients… from a holistic practitioner

What to do when your wellness routine has lapsed

There’s lots of advice on the internet about what to do if you’re a therapist and a client cancels or forgets an appointment. There are countless cancellation policies and even etiquette guides for clients who are running late (what’s that all about?). 

But what should you do if you’re a client who just wants to get back to beauty and wellness, and something’s holding you back? Where’s the advice for you?

As a holistic beauty therapist, I often have clients who are worried or embarrassed about something, and it keeps them from coming to see me when they know they need to. I see the same things holding my clients (who are also usually my friends) back from calling me. 

I want to make sure you know you’re always welcome, and with that in mind, here’s my advice on the subject:

Does this sound like you?

You know you need to see your beauty therapy professional – whether that’s me or someone else – but you’re putting it off because:

  1. You haven’t been for a long time
  2. You’re having an emotionally difficult or stressful time
  3. You’re experiencing body confidence issues
  4. You’re not sure you can afford it
  5. You cancelled or missed your last appointment

If you’re worried about any of these things, let me stop you there. No matter how lapsed, overwhelmed, upset, strapped for cash, stressed or busy you are, a good therapist will always welcome you back, whenever you’re ready. 

“In reality being a beautician is a bigger responsibility than people realise!”

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I totally agree with the statement above; being any kind of therapist is a big responsibility, but it’s one that, as professionals, we’re trained and qualified to do. 

It’s also where we find our satisfaction and fulfilment: taking care of the whole person, helping you on many levels, and hopefully enabling you to leave happier, more relaxed, more balanced, more confident, and feeling beautiful, inside and out. 

Here’s 5 things that absolutely should not keep you from coming back…

Worry #1: You haven’t been for a long time

One of my clients didn’t see me for about two years. It turns out that she couldn’t afford to book an appointment for about 8 months, but it took her another 14 months to build up the courage to call me!

If you’re a lapsed client, please don’t worry, even if we did a lot of work on a problem area – such as tension in your back – and got things to a place where they’re easier to maintain. 

If we have to start again, we’ll start again. That’s life! 

I certainly don’t want you struggling with a problem that I could easily help with.

Please remember: life happens. All holistic therapists know this. And I’d rather see you once a year than never again.

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Worry #2: You’re having a really tough time

Worried you might break down or become emotional? Don’t be.

Emotions are completely natural and normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, by the time you get to me, you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed that, in the safe space of the therapy room, you completely break down. 

This is especially likely when we’re doing deep tissue work that can release trapped emotions that often have little to do with your current situation. 

Please remember: feelings are normal. I’m trained to deal with emotion. I care about you, and most importantly, I can help. 

Worry #3: You’re experiencing body confidence issues

Worried about the state of your feet or an overgrown bikini line? You do know it’s my job to work with every body, right? 

If hair anywhere on your body has got a bit out of control, don’t worry. And equally, please don’t feel awkward about a bikini wax – even if we’re friends. One bikini line is just like any other to a trained waxing professional!

People often worry about whether their feet smell. Generally, if you’re worried about personal hygiene, it means you don’t have a problem with it 🙂 Clients often do get really embarrassed about their feet. But that’s why you should come to me – I’m here to help! 

For instance, did you know that I have a peel / mask for feet, to help get them lovely and soft? Or that I can offer Reflexology for your hands?

Finally, your size and shape. Sometimes clients apologise for putting on weight. Imagine that! As a therapist, I just don’t see you that way. 

Please remember: I’m never going to judge. Don’t deny yourself a relaxing, nourishing treatment. And if you’re really feeling uncomfortable, we can always change what treatment you’re having once you get here. 

Worry #4: You’re not sure you can afford it

I’m self-employed and so is my husband, and I understand that while sometimes money is plentiful, at other times, it needs to be managed carefully. 

I choose all of my products and the treatments I offer with care, for reasons ranging from the environmental impact of my work to the results you see. I’m also careful to keep everything as affordable as possible. 

If you’re worried about affording your next treatment, talk to me.

I offer packages and discounts that you may not know about (they’re new!) to help take the financial stress out of self-care. 

These discount packages are specifically designed to reward my regular customers, and make it easier for you to book treatments in blocks. 

This in turn helps to:

  • Tackle something that needs regular treatment, such as muscle pain
  • Set aside (and stick to!) regular ‘me time’ in your week / fortnight / month
  • Create a real difference in an area that’s important to you, such as your skin

Please remember: holistic beauty treatments, deep tissue massage, pure and natural skincare… these things – by their nature – are not a quick fix. They’re an investment in yourself, and I understand that. I’ll do whatever I can to work out an affordable solution with you. 

Worry #5: You cancelled or missed your last appointment

This is an easy one, because I’ve already covered all of the important points! Beauty / holistic therapists understand that life happens. We’re here to help, not to judge. And our goal for you is progress, not perfection.

Please remember…

  • Life happens (and I’d rather see you once a year than never at all!) 
  • Feelings are normal (although guilt is unnecessary!)
  • Don’t deny yourself a relaxing, nourishing treatment (no explanation needed!)
  • There’s no quick fix for radiant beauty and well-being (but it can be an affordable investment, so why delay?)

Have I missed anything?

If you still have something on your mind, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below, send me an email, or get in touch on Facebook. And, no matter how long it’s been or what’s going on, book that appointment…