Introducing the most precious gift of all... the gift of time!

Take some time out for yourself

It's so easy to get caught up in all the buzz and hype that accompanies this time of year. In the pursuit of those perfectly magical festivities, we forget to enjoy ourselves, time together, time for ourselves and time to appreciate the world and the many gifts already around us. 

Here at Jody's Haven, I'm giving you the gift of time… time to de-stress, relax and reflect. I’ve also saved you a bit of time spent carefully selecting those considered, ethical gifts… I've already done that for you! 

Discover my Christmas treatment menu, designed to warm you from within and revive your festive spirit. 


Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh



Baby, It's 'Gold' Outside



Let Us Adore Him



Deck the Halls



Fairytale of New York




Festive Gifts

Other gift ideas you say? No problem…

Ask me about any of the following products to delight your loved ones (or yourself) this festive season.

Bakuchiol Facial Oil



Trio of Face Masks



Fulminare Soy Candle



Adamo Soy Candle



Bergamot and Black Tea Trio




Jody’s Haven Gifts

Gift vouchers and handmade gifts

Gift vouchers can be made out to your specifications. I will even be stocking a few homemade gifts – ask for details!