Self-care during coronavirus: wholesome ways to stay active and well during lockdown


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My pick ’n mix: self-care tips for self-isolating

 I’m not going to say ‘these are strange times’ because that would be stating the obvious at this point! In the UK, we’ve been told to stay home for the last three weeks or so, and we have no idea how long the lockdown is set to continue. I think it’s safe to say that we could be here for a while, folks! 

We’re all handling lockdown in different ways. In line with the new guidelines, I can no longer offer treatments, and while the transition hasn’t been easy and I do miss my work, I also recognise how lucky I am to live where I do, surrounded by acres of beautiful green Somerset countryside. Plus life on our organic farm, with two kids, two dogs, chickens, sheep, geese and about 200 cows, not to mention a husband who’s suddenly got a bigger workforce than usual, keeps me pretty busy!

I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to have access to nature at this time, and that this is a time of worry for many of us. Anxiety about family and friends, our own health, finances and jobs that may or may not be there when things go back to ‘normal’ can be overwhelming. I think it’s best to stay as positive as you can, and count your blessings daily, no matter how few they may be. 

It’s also important not to take too much on or try to move mountains during this time. With that in mind, here’s my ‘pick ’n mix’ of self-care ideas to nourish your mind, body and spirit during lockdown – just pick the best bits, the things that resonate with you. If you do try anything from the list, or if you’d like to share your own ideas, please get in touch in the comments below, on Facebook or on Instagram. Let’s stay in touch!

Self-care during coronavirus: my tips

Take care of your skin

Stick to your skincare routine while you’re on lockdown – you’ll be glad you did when we’re allowed out again and suddenly have a full social calendar! A face mask is a brilliant way to relax – and feed your skin at the same time. This video from Natural Spa Factory shows you how to apply your mask well for great results. If you don’t have any rasul mud to hand you can always make your own. Natural Spa Factory say:

“If you haven’t got the proper product raid the fridge for yogurt, avocado and honey for some great face masks. A dab of lemon juice for the odd pimple or dark spots and don’t forget tea bags or cucumber for eyes – if you pop them in a little bag and put them in the freezer first, they’ll be extra cool.”

Put your best face forward

Don’t forget to do your hair and makeup during lockdown, at least sometimes! You’ll feel that much more alert and productive when you take some extra care over your appearance. This could be the perfect time to try some online tutorials for a new look.

Enjoy an at-home manicure

Close-up of ZAO nail polishes of different colours, and clear undercoat

A classic mini mani / pedi will help you feel a little bit more put-together and colourful. Shape and buff your nails and start with an undercoat, if you have one. I’m so impressed with ZAO’s nail polishes (they arrived just before lockdown!) as the colours are bright and stylish, and the undercoat also acts as a top coat to give you a durable, almost-gel-nail finish. Use a similarly good-quality polish if you have one to hand.

Get creative in the kitchen

Eat healthily and you’ll find it much easier to stay balanced and positive, although the odd treat is fine, too! I think we’re all guilty of getting stuck in a rut with our cooking, and the kitchen gives you another outlet to try something new. This week, I made a Chinese ‘fakeaway’ with lots of fresh veg from my local shop, and the family loved it.

On your marks, get set, bake!

Cupcakes in colourful paper cases

Depending on the ingredients you’ve got in your cupboards, this could also be a great time to do some creative baking. If you have kids at home they’ll definitely want to get involved, if not with the cooking then definitely with the ‘testing’!

Craft and create

Finish an old project, or start something new. Lots of us have a passion that we rarely have time to indulge, whether it’s painting or poetry. You could write stories for and with your kids, or draw pictures for them to colour in. If you’re not artistically inclined, there are lots of freebies available. I love these fantasy inspired designs from Triba Mythica:


Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Starting a course and learning something you’ve always wanted to know is seriously good self-care. Lots of universities are offering free online courses, and you can find free and discounted courses everywhere from Futurelearn to Delia’s Online Cookery School, on everything from photography to digital skills to business.

Build career skills

Speaking of business, lots of people will probably embark on new careers after this period of change and introspection. This could be a good time to work on the career goals you’ve felt were out of reach before, or to work on your own business. Have you been letting your bookkeeping slide? Is it time to get to grips with social media marketing? Or could you create something completely new, and run it online?

Start a journal

Journalling is a great way to learn about yourself and unblock your creativity. Try this: when you wake up, write down three things you’re grateful for, then spend four minutes writing everything that comes into your head, no matter how trivial. This is similar to the ‘Morning Pages’ technique developed by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, the go-to book on creativity for all kinds of artists, from author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) to Alicia Keys. I think we should all put this book on our wish lists!


Lots of us are finding some much-needed extra time for exercise. This is an opportunity to take longer walks, runs and bike rides. You can also move more at home for an added endorphin boost: yoga tutorials, the workout DVDs you already own, and even online PE lessons make it easier to get moving. Local dancer and personal trainer Claire has made some of bellydance drills available on Facebook


One of the best ways to recharge your batteries is to get outside in nature, if you can, and going barefoot is even better: grounding has so many benefits. If it’s a struggle to do this where you live, just make sure you’re getting as much fresh air as possible. 

Take a screen break

If you’re working from home, it’s even more important than usual to take screen breaks. Limit your exposure to news if you’re feeling vulnerable, especially where it veers more into opinion! Conspiracy theories might not be the most helpful thing for your wellbeing at this time. Ask yourself, “is this the best use of my energy”? After work, it’s probably far better to get lost in a good book than a social media feed. 


Are you already a creative powerhouse? Can you knit, sew, crochet or paint? If so, some of your friends might appreciate learning from you! Perhaps you could start a virtual group on Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook live. As your group grows in size, ask everyone to kindly turn off their mic when they’re not speaking, as this cuts down on background noise interfering with the class. Your ears will thank you!

Home-school your way

Obviously we’re all doing our best to help our kids with their schoolwork, but children learn lots in school that they’ll probably never use. If your kids are home, could you teach them how to cook, do the laundry, or even help them with life skills such as budgeting, CV-writing and managing money? They might groan and roll their eyes at you now, but they’ll (probably) thank you one day! 

Remember to stay in touch… 

…With friends and family, and with me! Don’t forget to comment below or join me at Jody’s Haven News. I wish you all well. Stay healthy and safe! Hope to see you all once this madness is over. 

Love and light,

Jody ?